The North West Regional Wound Care Program is a regional wound care program that serves to standardize and coordinate wound care practices across the health care continuum in the North West region, and to optimize clinical outcomes for our patients.

The program supports the development of coordinated, high quality, evidenced-based care and the improvement of patient experience for all wound types across the spectrum.

Clients, caregivers, acute care partners, complex continuing care/rehabilitation partners, long-term care partners, ambulatory clinic partners, community care partners and primary care partners are instrumental in the co-design of new approaches to high quality, evidence-based care delivery to improve patient experience.

A cross-sectorial approach enhances our coordinated efforts to better serve patients within our community who are dealing with hard-to-heal wounds, in a way that is safe, and closer to home.

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Increasing equitable access to high quality healthcare across Northwestern Ontario through education, capacity building and enhancing technology.


To ensure safe and effective wound care in timely manner to all individuals across Northwestern Ontario.