Support Wound Prevention

The purpose of the Healthcare Providers section is to equip you with the necessary tools and resources to support your wound prevention and management practice. Here, you will discover valuable information that will assist you in the following ways:

  • Providing optimal care for your clients and their wounds
  • Acquiring knowledge about wound prevention and management theories and best practices
  • Educating yourself, your colleagues and your clients through our helpful tools and handouts
  • Accessing resources that support and facilitate evidence- based wound prevention and management

Best Practices for Prevention and Management

These guides offer a practical, easy to-follow guide that incorporates the best available evidence and a structured process designed to support a patient-centred and interprofessional approach to care.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Foot health should be a major consideration for people with diabetes and for those who care for them. Foot complications in this high-risk population can lead to a cascade of negative complications, potentially resulting in loss of limb and life.

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Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous leg ulcers are common and often recurrent, and result in significant economic and social burden to the patient, caregivers and health-care system. Patient health related quality of life is negatively affected, and pain management is essential.

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Burns are injuries to the skin that occur when the skin or other tissues are damaged by contact with heat (scalds from liquids spilled or liquid immersion, grease or steam; contact burns; and fire, flash or flame), electricity, radiation or chemicals.

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Peripheral Arterial Ulcers

This paper is dedicated to the prevention and management of peripheral arterial ulcers, specifically those of the lower extremity

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Amputee Rehab Videos

Video on How to tensor wrap a stump & Pneumatic Post Amputation Mobility
Aid Fitting Tutorial

Wound Care Videos

Created by TBRHSC

Diabetic Foot Care

We have created a collection of videos to be shared with clients. Our videos cover various topics such as footwear inspection, foot care, and proper foot examination techniques. Additionally, our Lower Limb Preservation Team provides insights on neuropathy and diabetes management.

Please help us to share these valuable resources within your professional network and with your clients.

Diabetes Foot Care - Introduction

Check Your Shoes

Foot Screen Pt. 1

Foot Screen Pt. 2


How To Use A Footkit